is a FREE listing service. There are no hidden fees before, during or after the sale of your item. Your free listing includes unllimited text to describe your ad, and hosting of up to 3 photos of your item for sale. You may wish to add special features to help your ad stand out or video clips for a nominal fee ranging from $2 – $5 dollars.

Unlike some sites, viewing of ads and contacting sellers is also a free service for all users, buyers and sellers included at

So if everything is free, what’s the catch?

Virtualgaragesale and you the users, make the site an attractive venue for advertisers who wish to purchase ad banners. We als feature Google Adwords on the left column to generate income. So we extend an enormous THANK YOU for making Virtualgaragesale a busy place! If you enjoyed your visit, please tell your friends! After all, the best referals come from the people you trust.