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Run until you sell

We guarantee results. If your items don’t sell, you will receive a reminder email before your ad expires. You may choose to renew your ad for another term, and you can come back at any time and edit your ads, absolutely free.

Maximize your exposure

The newest ads will appear in the top ten on the home page for a period of time. If you would like your ad to remain on the home page indefinitly, you can purchase a special listing for only two dollars. This will place your ad in the special ads column on the home page until you remove it. Considerably less than purhcasing a classified ad in your local newspaper!

It’s free to add photos.

Sell your items. 
You can create a 30, 60, 90 or 120-day online ad with up to 3 photos for FREE. There are no transaction fees, so no extra charges when you find a buyer. Since VirtualGarageSale is not an auction, you’re free to negotiate with the seller for the best price based on quantity, shipping, and more. 

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