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How does it work

  • Your classified ad cost is based on the number of words or lines used to describe your item.
  • Considerable cost involved in including a photo to help describe your item for sale.
  • Limited to local subscription viewing area.
  • Inclusion on their web site version, when they get around to it, maybe….
  • Classified ads in the BACK of the newspaper where some of the subscribers may look for them.
  • Your phone number published in the paper.
  • You must purchase a newpaper to view the ads.
  • Your Virtualgaragesale.ca listing has unlimited words to describe your item (did we mention it was free?)
  • Upload up to 3 photos to describe your item for sale (did we mention this is free too?)
  • Global exposure on the world wide web.
  • Top 10 placement in most search engines like GOOGLE, Yahoo, MSN, and Alta Vista
  • Front Page in your face ads with over 1 million page views per month by people actively seeking items for sale (did we mention this is free as well?)
  • Use our message system to keep your contact details private if you want to.
  • Viewing ads on Virtualgaragesale.ca is free.